Telmo Calcado, Executive VP: East

In our niche of the automotive industry, Telmo is very well known for being...very well known.  A man of many talents and even more relationships, Telmo is the go-to guy when the challenge seems impossible (which is frequent in this space).  If he can’t do it himself, he knows a guy. Telmo has been a senior manager in the ESI system going back to 1996, when he made himself indispensable troubleshooting a complex New York City display activation.  Since then he has successfully managed every aspect of fleet operations up and down the east coast, working with clients to create and deliver one-of-a-kind launches and media drives.

 As EVP, Telmo manages the Washington DC region with territory stretching as far north as Philadelphia and west to Pittsburgh, and all the way south into the Carolinas. He has developed a sharp team that applies expertise, care, and professionalism to every project.  From the DC office, Telmo and hsi staff manage the FCA media fleet, Mercedes-Benz PR fleet, Rolls-Royce international launches, Toyota regional events, Bentley media placement, and a host of activations for VWOA, Subaru, Audi, and Maserati.

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