ESI strives to continually perfect the delivery of quality services.


Every team member’s genuine desire to provide exceptional brand experiences yields high quality services to our clients and their customers.  Our emphasis on preparation, including brand-specific training, ensures our deliverables best serve every program and event participant.


branded marketing events   /   on-demand programs   /   influencer activations   /   auto shows   /   media launches


Attention to Detail is Key


Our team will execute each detail with precision to ensure the most positive consumer experience.



Our People


The ESI leadership team has more than 100 years combined of automotive fleet management and event experience.  Our employees are well qualified in the automotive industry, with backgrounds in a variety of capacities and responsibilities.




Collaboration is Vital


Always a team player, ESI collaborates with automotive manufacturers, their agencies and other relevant organizations to support brand strategies and deliver key messages through engaging experiences.


Our Process


Our team of dedicated experts provide a spectrum of refined processes that deliver a high standard of service, devoted to the care, custody and control off your most valued asset.




Safety is Our Priority


Safety is our top priority and is essential to our success while we maintaining the care, custody and control of your most valued asst.  Our thorough 214+ point inspection process ensures that all vehicles will function properly and safely

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Our Technology


Our real-world experiences have enabled ESI to develop technology that better serves our clients.