Carolyn Landrum

Director of Program Development

Carolyn Landrum joined ESI in May 2014 and quickly increased ESI’s footprint within the experiential marketing domain. Focusing her creativity on Mercedes-Benz' western region marketing activities, Carolyn helped develop fresh ideas and execution strategies to theirexisting programs and continues to develop new marketing events and opportunities. 

Carolyn’s automotive career began in 1985 as Director of Marketing for Toyota’s off-road racing program. Diving deep into logistics, sponsorships, budget management, personal appearances, added value programs and more, Carolyn quickly built a diverse skill set that she used to open her own PR company in 1987. Landing Chevrolet’s off-road racing account during her first year of business, Carolyn’s GM relationship grew for the next 20 years. Her responsibilities there included motorsports and mainstream product PR, product launch development and execution, dealer programs, media ride and drives, hybrid PR/Marketing influencer program development, organic celebrity engagements, experiential and other special programs.

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