Event Solutions International is the premier mobility service provider in the US, supporting global automotive brands and their agencies.



The ESI Mission

Dedicated to the Care, Custody and Control of our clients most valued assets




ESI is focused on recruiting, selecting, and nurturing of the great, and potentially great, employees who make a difference for our clients each and everyday.




Consistent application of proven processes plays a major role in ESI’s ability to deliver value and exceed the expectations of our automotive clients.




For the past 20 years, ESI has developed workflow centric solutions to create more efficiency and provide additional value for our clients.




ESI has a culture of serving customer needs. Throughout the US, ESI has supported and developed long-standing relationships with leading automotive journalists, thought leaders, and their publications.



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We are a premier mobility service provider headquartered in Troy, MI and Los Angeles, CA with 5 regional offices providing nationwide coverage.